A Comprehensive Guide to Enjoying Wisps Slot

Now this is an inspired space themed slot. with the title referring to the streaks of light observable through only the most powerful telescopes that we currently possess. Wisps slot was developed by iSoftware Games and based in and around space gives the developers a lot to play with regarding theme. The inspirational part of the slot is the bright and swirling colours that light up the back screen behind the reels. The sound effects have a similar, rather ethereal feel to them and the symbols reflect space like items with particular focus on these magical forming wisps.

As far as the betting goes there is something for most players. The 10 pay lines may be fixed but with a range of denominations between 0.01 and 0.1 plus a number of coins per line up to 25, allowing for a maximum bet of 25 coins and the lowest of just 0.5 per spin. The bonus features of Wisps slot are as elegant as the theme itself and features the likes of Wilds, in all their varieties, some multiplier Scatters and a transformer mode. Definitely sounds quite exciting.

Theme Features and General Makeup

Space is big, like very big and the wonders out there just waiting to be discovered are truly innumerable. This slot shares a similar feature here in that with such a serene setting  players will be able to get lost in the vacuum of space and the beauty of Wisps slot.

The reel symbols play a large part in this theme as well as the title of the slot as they feature many different forms of Wisps. These vary in colour and intensity as well as of course size of jackpot rewarded. Players at the top internet casinos will find that they’ll quickly become acquainted with these different winning symbols. Additionally there are some space looking playing card symbols, making this a very resplendent looking pay table. The highest paying base game symbol rewards up to 1 000 coins.

Colourful Bonus Features with Wisps Slot

There are a couple of bonus features included in Wisps slot and all of them are won through a colourful symbol. The first of these is the Wild symbol, here represented as what seems to be a Yin Yang looking Wisp. This symbol can substitute for the other symbols of this slot and help to form winning lines with them. Definitely a very useful symbol.

The Scatter symbol rewards some of the more exciting bonuses. The symbol looks like a cross between a wisp and a fairy but offers players that land 3 or more of these anywhere on the reels up to 25 times bet multiplier as well as 15 free spins. These free spins are particularly lucrative as they come alongside a choice of either the bouncing Wilds or the Spiral Wilds. The former randomly adds between 1 and 5 extra Wilds to the spins and the latter adds Wilds that can completely take up reels 1, 2 or 3. These both offer a lot more chances during the free spins. There’s also a transformer mode symbol that can land randomly on the middle reel and turn all of the playing card symbols into a single specific reel and leads to some considerable wins.