A Multiplier Symbol Defined

When it comes to online casino games, each type of online game boasts its own in-game features and money boosters to make for a more rewarding experience. When playing slots, players can look forward to bonus rounds, free spins, scatters, wilds and of course multipliers. Multipliers are a common feature found in most slot games and put simply, is a feature which multiplies a player’s winnings by a certain amount. They are easily recognisable as they have a large X placed next to them.

Multiplier symbols are those icons which come up during normal play, or during free spins rounds or bonus rounds. On some slots they simply appear on the reel in a straightforward manner, where on other slots the process of redeeming multipliers or getting them to multiply your pay-out is more complex. But each slot game will provide a paytable and instructions of how the multiplier will work on that specific game.

When these symbols appear, they either double, triple or quadruple the player’s winnings for that spin. Different slots provide different multiplier amounts and these symbols either multiple the player’s wins according to the individual line bets or alternatively, the total bet.  Typically speaking, most traditional, classic slots will have multipliers which times the winning payline by either two, three of four.

In Free Spins Rounds, Multipliers Are Plentiful

Free spins are a common offering on most slots, with multiplier symbols appearing frequently during these free spin rounds. These symbols are generally more fun and interactive in these rounds when compared to normal gameplay as they require players to do a task in order to acquire the multiplier. These tasks can include picking multipliers from hidden icons displayed on the second screen. Unlike normal play where multipliers are generally X2, X3 and X4, multipliers awarded in free spins rounds generally times the pay-out by a larger amount such as 10, 15 or 20.

Another area in online slots where multipliers are plentiful is in the bonus rounds featured in most new slot releases. As in free spins rounds, to acquire these larger bonus multipliers, players must do a fun task.

Wilds And Scatters Become Multipliers Symbols

In some slot games, other reel icons like wilds and scatters can transform into a multiplier symbol. When a wild becomes a multiplier, it replaces other symbols on the reels to form awesome combinations and in addition, multiplies that specific win by a certain amount. When a scatter symbol becomes a multiplier it does not have to land on a specific payline on the reels, but adds to the pay-out no matter where it lands on the reels.

Read The Paytable First

If you’re looking for slots that reward, look for those that specialise in multiplier symbols as they increase your pay-outs considerably, in most cases every time they come into play. Not only are they rewarding, but they really do add to the whole online slots experience. But before banking on these symbols to hand out large winnings, first read the paytable on the slot game so that you know how they work and what they offer.