An Exclusive Look at iPhone Craps for Mobile Players

Craps is a classic casino dice game that has always been popular at land-based casinos. With complex bets and a number of different rules, craps may seem like a complicated casino game at first. However, once a player has learnt more about the game, its concept becomes easy to grasp, and craps is considered to be one of the most dynamic casino games available.

Today, players can still play craps at brick and mortar casinos, but most online and mobile casinos also offer craps games for real money. iPhone craps games are specially designed for use on iOS-powered mobile phones, and these games allow iPhone owners to play craps for real money no matter when or where they wish to play.

The History of Craps

Craps is a combination of two historical casino gambling games. The first game is Hazard, a dice game with English origins, and the second is the French game of Crabes. Hazard was invented by Sir William of Tyre, an aristocrat who introduced the game to his armies during the Crusades.

Hazard quickly became popular, and a few centuries later in the 1700’s the game spread to France and then to the USA. It was in the USA that John H. Winn decided to reinvent craps for the American market. Various changes to the original craps board and rules were made by Winn, creating the modern game of craps that players still enjoy today.

The Benefits of iPhone Craps Games

Nowadays, mobile casino games are becoming the most popular way to gamble with modern players. The lifestyles of today’s players are busy, and many find it challenging to sit at a PC or a land-based casino for hours as they play craps.

This prompted the development of the best mobile casino Malaysia sites, and especially iPhone casinos for owners of Apple smartphones. iPhone craps games bring players mobile and portable gaming that they can carry with them, and these games need only an internet connection and an iPhone to play.

Free and Real Money iPhone Craps

iPhone craps games at reputable iPhone casinos are created by leading software developers, and contain smooth graphics, features and sounds that are optimised for use on iPhones. Players can download iPhone craps as part of a mobile casino app, or they can play in-browser using their casino’s no download platform.

For players who are not yet familiar with the many rules of craps, free iPhone craps games are also available at many mobile casinos. These free games may even contain built-in tutorials to help players learn more about the game in a risk-free setting, allowing them to play for real money whenever they feel confident in their craps playing skills.

iPhone Craps Casino Bonuses

Registering at an iPhone casino may also make players eligible for a number of iPhone craps bonuses. No deposit bonuses may be on offer for free craps players, while those who have made a deposit will receive welcome and reload bonuses.

Loyalty rewards and promotions may also be on offer for iPhone craps players, allowing them to play real money craps with free casino bonus credits.