Biggest Betting Scandals In Sports

Biggest Betting Scandals In Sports

There are numerous accounts of sports betting scandals, which have tarnished the sports disciplines they have been associated with. Players can be swayed by a quick currency fix, making bad moral decisions that affect the fair outcome of a game.

Punters from New Zealand in quest of the biggest betting scandals in sports should continue reading for a list of the most dramatic sports betting scandals that shook the world.

Sports Fixing

Sports enthusiasts from New Zealand will be familiar with the terms match fixing and or sports fixing. These terms are given to professional sportsmen who bet on their own sport and then play to different standards in order to sway the outcome of the sporting event.

This type of behaviour is unethical and is in breach of the code of conduct for all professional athletes. Even with a multiplicity of legal avenues and preventative measures, some of the biggest betting scandals in sports still occur frequently at

Black Sox Betting Scandal

One of the biggest betting scandals to ever emerge in professional sports was the Black Sox scandal. Eight players from the mighty baseball team, the White Sox were paid over US $100.000 to throw the 1919 World Series of baseball.

Even though the White Sox were one of the best teams in the league players reported salaries sufficiently less than those of other players. The first baseman Chick Gandil organized a group of players to throw the game in conjunction with professional gamblers. The team was later dubbed the Black Sox after the conspiracy surrounding them.

The Boston College Shame

The head coach of Boston college football team in 1996, Dan Henning took a stand against sports conspiracy when he heard a few rumours floating about that a few players from his team had placed wagers on Boston to loose to their upcoming opponents Syracuse.

Henning waited patiently for the final result, which was a thumping 45-17 to Syracuse. Henning reported the rumours after the match, a whopping thirteen players were suspended with an additional six banned indefinitely by governing authorities.

The Infamous Pete Rose

One of the biggest betting scandals in history is the story of Pete Rose and the Reds. Pete Rose was once one of the greatest baseball coaches to line the hall of fame. During his time as coach for the Cincinnati Reds it emerged that Rose gambled on the 1985, 1986 and 1987 baseball seasons.

Rose denied his innocence every step of the way until 2007 when he admitted to gambling on baseball. This was one of the biggest betting scandals in professional sports where the coach had actually been suspected of planting corrupt morals in other players.

2008 Formula One

The 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix was a topic hotly contested by the motor industry the world over. The Renault team commanded Nelson Piquet to crash into the barrier so as to give his team-mate Fernando Alonso the win.

This is just another way higher powers attempt to control sports. The incident was not just apart of one of the biggest betting scandals to date but also opens the door to intention to do physical harm.

Morals And Code

All sports are games, which should be played with morals and ethics. There is a code amongst professional sportsmen and women that needs to be upheld to ensure that sports remain fair play at all times.

Some of the biggest sports betting scandals have paved the way to a strict enforcement that does not allow a sportsman or woman to bet on their own sport. This is just one of many rules and regulations professionals must abide by in the struggle to keep all games completely fair.