Find an Online Casino Guide to Playing The Warriors Slot

Basing slot themes on movies and shows makes for some entertaining spinning, and iSoftware Games love their movie themed slots. This is especially the case for rather obscure cult classic movies like the one The Warriors slot is based on, of the same name.

With setting up a theme like this, the developers must be mindful not to focus to heavily on the plot, for those players perhaps unfamiliar with the game, but at the same time include enough aspects of the original to display the inspiration for the theme as well as do justice to the characters within. Though rather plain in appearance this slot does just that and the result is rather entertaining.

Fundamentally this is a 5 reel slot with a 243 ways to win setup instead of pay lines. This works on a left to right basis and so players will be awarded wins if the same symbol appears 3 or more times on each of the first 3 reels. Add this to the slot’s two main bonus features, a winning Wild symbol and an exciting free spins feature. In total, iSoftware has down this cult classic film from the late 70s a good justice, and The Warriors slot is presented well.

Analysing the Theme and Reel Symbols

So a gang themed style from the late 70s is actually quite an oft-orchestrated one as it holds a lot of edgy aspects to play with for the designers. This is exactly what iSoftware must have experienced as they out this slot together. With a rather plain design and layout this slot didn’t try and over complicate the general theme plot like some slots have, and instead focused on the smaller aspects, like the New York city sound effects of cars and traffic. With any theme the make or break feature of the slot is the symbols on the reels and with The Warriors slot this again is done simply, but well.

On these 5 reels, players of casino slots online will find several characters from the movie this was based on, represented in large image form and with decent quality. The characters on this slots reels are Swan, Mercy, Cochise and Cowboy, all of who featured roles in the movie. There are also some playing card symbols on the reels to take up the responsibility of holding the lower valued wins. The reel background is rather bare, with a predominantly white layout, however the symbols all feature gangster like graffiti, even those playing card symbols, so the reels still pull their weight thematically in The Warriors slot.

Gangster Bonus Features in The Warriors Slot

The first of these bonuses is the Wild symbol that many an online slots Singapore has featured on their reels. This Wild symbol is represented by both characters Swan and Mercy from the movie. The function of this symbol is to substitute for other game symbols to form winning combinations across the reels. With 243 ways to win this can reap much. This symbol doesn’t appear on the first reel but does double all wins made with it so not a bad recovery.

The free spins feature of The Warriors slot is triggered through the Scatter bonus, which is represented by The Warriors gang badge. This triggers the bonus features by landing anywhere on each of reels 1, 3 and 5. This enables a pick’em sort of bonus where players get 3 picks, one for each of the reels hit. Reel 1 reveals the number of free spins, reel 3 the multiplier during these spins and the 5 reel pick reveals the symbols that will appear stacked throughout the feature. Definitely a quality free spins feature for The Warriors slot.