The Legal Age of Gambling Globally

The legal gambling age throughout the world can be quite confusing. It would have been so simplistic if the entire world offered the exact same age of gambling. However, we need to keep track as this is not the case and legal gambling ages differ from about 15 to 21, depending on where in the world you are. Not even counting the countries where it is completely illegal.

As if this was not confusing enough, there are certain countries that have made it even more difficult to keep your wits about you. Some, like the United Kingdom, have various ages of legal gambling, depending on what it is that you wish to gamble on. From the National Lotto, for which you have to be 16, to horse betting that requires you to be 18. It can all become quite overwhelming.

Online Gambling Ages

It is notable that just about in every country the legal age of gambling for online casinos are exactly the same as for land-based casinos. However, as far as what we can tell, there is one exception to the rule. In Afghanistan, it is completely illegal to gamble. In fact, it is so illegal that there isn’t even a national lottery. However, anyone of any age is allowed to take part in online gambling.

Europe’s Gambling Age VS The USA

To be in Europe it would seem is to be in paradise, with a legal gambling age of 18, just about through the entire Europe. Of course, there always the exceptions to the rule. In the case of Europe those exceptions would be Belgium, Ireland and Germany where you are going to have to wait until you are 21 years of age, to be able to enjoy sports online betting.

In the United States of America confusion abounds. It is generally accepted that the legal age of gambling is 21 but this is not the hard and fast rule. In many states the legal age is 18. It does get confusing for states like Maine, where you have to be 18 to play the Lotto, but 21 to be able to take part in any other form gambling.

It is only in Alabama where you have to be 19 to be of the legal gambling age. For the rest of the United States of America it is a constant toss between 18 and 21, with 21 being the majority of the rule for most states. It is therefor simply easier to just accept that 21 is their legal age of gambling and avoid confrontation with the law.

Continent of the Legal 18

There is only one continent in the entire world that has a legal gambling age of 18 throughout the entire continent and it is a continent that you would not have even expected to have gambling. Our continent of 18 as a legal gambling age is Antarctica. Throughout the entire icy cold continent, you can keep warm, playing your slots when you are 18 and older.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, be responsible and know your legal age of gambling.