The Melbourne Cup

Australia is considered to be the horse breeding capital of the world, with many of the most prestigious breeds coming from the, often considered, ‘faraway country.’ Given the rugged terrain of Australia, and the enormous amounts of wide open spaces it has, it makes sense that their horse breeds would often be the strongest. These hardy breeds often get the attention of breeders from other countries, which is what lead to Australia being a hub of the horse market globally.

It stands to reason that many of the most prestigious horse racing events are also held in the land down under. There are a number of events that occur annually, all of which draw attention from all corners of the globe. The most prestigious event is known as the Melbourne Cup, which has horse breeders squaring off against one another in an effort to prove that their breed is the strongest. The event is always fiercely fought, never short of controversy, and widely watched on bet on by spectators across the world. The Melbourne Cup is, in fact, one of the most bet on horse races that occur on a yearly basis.

Handicap Event

It is important to keep in mind, especially for bet makers, that the Melbourne Cup is a handicapped event. This means that an effort is made to keep the horses running on equal terms. Hence, if one horse seems that it is going to dominate the race, weight is placed in its saddle, to ensure that the horse does not dominate too severely. The act of handicapping is done to keep the Melbourne Cup competitive and exciting. After all, if it was obvious which horse was going to win, the race would be a great deal less exciting and unpredictable at sites.

It is because of handicapping that met makers must be extra careful where they put their money. While researching the Melbourne Cup it may seem obvious that one horse is easily going to win the race, and it may seem like an obvious choice for placing a bet. When taking into account handicapping, however, underdog bets suddenly seem a great deal more appealing. Especially since underdog bets pay out a great deal more if winning.

Melbourne Cup Betting

The Melbourne Cup offers similar betting options to all horse racing events. Placing a bet on a favourite horse to win, and that horse winning, will always pay out the most. Putting all money on a single horse is, however, a very risky move. It is better to take a group betting option, as far as horse racing is concerned, which allows money to be spread over a number of horses. If one of the selected horses wins, or even places second or third, a payout may still be earned.

Remember to look at the odds assigned to each horse to determine which the most likely to win horses are. The lower the odds, the better the chance of that horse winning. The higher the odds, the less chance of that horse winning, but the higher the payouts.