What Are No Download Online Slots?

In years gone by one would have to play slot machines in brick and mortar casinos if one wanted to spin the reels. These days’ slots can be found easily on the internet by pretty much anyone from Canada. Modern online slots have lots of special features, graphics and animation which are as good as modern animated movies. Many of these games have been designed especially for the internet and are hosted solely in online casinos.

What Are No Download Online Slots?

No download online slots e slot games which can be played directly in your computer or mobile devices’ web browser. Many casinos require you to download bulky software packages that can take up many of your computer or mobile devices resources. No download slots do not use anything from your device; they play purely in the web browser. This has the advantage of loading quickly and meaning that you do not need any spare space on your hard drive with which to play the no download online slots.

Minimum Required Deposits

No download online slots can be played for either real or free money. Free money games will not require you to do anything to play them except for load the web site. These games of course cannot win you any real money either however.

Real money games are offered by either non downloadable casinos, or online casinos which have both downloadable and non downloadable options. Sometimes if the online casino has both they may require you to put down a minimum deposit on your no download online slots. This is because playing the games using the casino’s servers is much heavier on the actual casino. These real money games do allow you the chance to create some winnings in real money however.

Progressive Slots

Some no download online slots offer progressive jackpots to players. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which grows all the time. These are often linked to other versions of the game around the country and even around the world. Progressive jackpots are won either by random or by skill or luck in a bonus round.

Special Features of No Download Online Slots

No download real money online slots have the same special features as their downloadable cousins. The main difference between the two is that the downloadable versions often have better graphics and animations as they can rely on your devices resources and not have to use the web browser and the casinos software. Special features in no download online slots range from things like bonus rounds to wild symbols.

Wild symbols are special symbols which replace all other symbols in a game. When the object of most slots is to get more than one identical symbol in a row, wild symbols help this to happen.

Bonus rounds are games within games. These are often second screen games which have something to do with the original games story line. Bonus rounds can involve skill or pure luck like in a Pick Me round.

Free spins are often awarded with no download online slots. This is a round where the slot game spins itself and doesn’t cost you anything. Real money can be won here if you are wagering real money on the game, although the spinning costs you nothing.